Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

Scripps Outfall 3 and Backwash Volumes

SIO Outfall 3

32° 51' 58.179" N,117° 15' 14.943" W

Discharge sources:

  • Birch Aquarium - indigenous and non-indigenous species discharge, filter backwash seawater
  • Hubbs Hall - indigenous and non-indigenous species discharge
  • Electromagnetic Facility (shark tank) - indigenous species discharge
  • National Marine Fisheries - indigenous species discharge
  • Seawater Storage Tanks - filtered seawater
  • Hydraulics Lab - non-species discharge
  • Scholander Hall - non-species discharge
  • Keck Center for Ocean Atmosphere Reseach - non-species discharge
  • Storm water run-off
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This sensor began recording data on July 18, 2013.

Data Download Form

Time Parameter:

Start Time:
End Time:

Output Type:

Raw Samples (US Gal./Minute) @ 60s intervals
1 Hour Accumulated Totals (US Gal./Hour)
1 Day Accumulated Totals (US Gal./Day)

Output Format:

XLS - Excel Spreadsheet
ASCII - Tab delimited, multi-column data
XML - Machine parsible, human readable

Sample period is approximately 60 seconds. If requesting time-series longer than 1 day, 1-hour accumulated samples will be returned.