Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

The San Diego ASBS Data System

San Diego's joint ASBS information management system is designed to meet four primary goals:

  • Data collection and storage
  • Analysis and evaluation by the professional, policy making and regulatory community to assess the performance of the ASBS
  • Data availability to the general scientific community
  • Dissemination to the public for outreach and stewardship

To address these needs, we've adopted a system designed to be comparable with Moss Landing Marine Laboratories’ SWAMP Database System, a statewide monitoring program approved by the California State Water Resources Control Board. The SWAMP database schema is broken down into 60 seperate tables as diagrammed below.

diagram of SWAMP db schema

Data is submitted by lab reporting agencies to the data management system, which ingests spreadsheets from a SWAMP-comparable format for display, archival, display and retrieval, as follows.

information flow diagram

This information management system is designed to integrate with the Southern California Ocean Observing System, leveraging SCCOOS technologies and experience to bring monitoring data to the public in a coherent and easy-to-use fashion.