Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

Deployment Pictures

Light-Weight Environmental Monitoring Buoy

LW-EMB components on table The RADAR reflector, solar powered beacon light, and the redundant Iridium/GPS antennas located at the top of the mast are shown here.

LW-EMB at the lab for testing Fully instrumented LW-EMB at the lab for testing.

LW-EMB Deployed and in water The LW-EMB deployed successfully at sea, sending back real-time data.

Testing electronics on table Picture taken while testing the electronics for the Iridium/GPS modem and data collection.

LW-EMB shock absorbing component This shock absorbing component attaches to the bottom of the LW-EMB Load Cage. It aids in strain relief, snap shock absorption, and as a stabilizer/righting moment.

Being deployed The LW-EMB being deployed over the side of the R/V Robert Gordon Sproul.

Mid-deployment stage Mid-deployment stage: Buoy deployed and being towed to location, mooring ready on A-frame.