Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

The State of California ASBS System

The state of California designates thirty-four coastal regions in the California Ocean Plan as Areas of Special Biological Significance in an effort to preserve these unique and sensitive marine ecosystems for future generations. To assist in ensuring compliance with the ocean plan, CORDC is conducting a joint pilot program between the City of San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, with assistance from San Diego Coastkeeper, to monitor impacts on ASBS locations in the San Diego metropolitan region.

To discover more about an ASBS region, click on the markers below, or visit the State Water Resources Control Board ASBS page for full details. You can also view a comprehensive interactive map showing all critical coastal areas in the state, including ASBS regions, on the California's Critical Coastal Areas website. The regions below are derived from third-party sources, and are intended to provide an approximate sense of ASBS extents only.

To view sampling locations in the San Diego area, continue on to our sampling locations page.

California State Water Resouces Control Board

Special thanks to the State Water Resouces Control Board for ASBS region information.