Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

Camera Locations
*The arrow in the following images indicates the view of the ship from the respective camera.
Bowcam View Pipestring View
Sterncam View
The Bowcam was attached with hooks (see Fig.1) to the grate (see Fig.2 & Fig.3) on the starboard side of the ship (see Fig.4).
Fig.1  Bowcam and Camera Mount
Fig.3  Grate
Fig.4  Camera Location
The pipestring was inserted into the transducer tube depicted in Fig.5 and Fig.6. Pictures of the tube are shown in Fig.7-Fig.10. What the camera was pointed at is shown in Fig.11.
Fig.5   Top Side View of Transducer Tube Location
Fig.6   Bottom Side View of Transducer Tube Location
Fig.7  Transducer Opening Top Side
Fig.8  Transducer Opening Bottom Side
Fig.9  Braking Mechanism
Fig.10  Pipestring in Transducer Tube
Fig.11  View from Stern
Image sequence (fig.12-Fig.17) from imagery taken beneath the R/V Revelle while it was underway at approximately 14kts. Video was shot using an underwater pan/tilt unit deployed in a moonpool approximately 20m forward of the stern. This sequence of images looking into the flow shows the variability in bubbles present beneath the vessel's hull.

Fig.12-Fig.13 shows the varying bubble density.

Looking aft (fig.15 & Fig.16, the bubbles beneath the hull) are seen to be swept into the vessels propulsors. Fig. 17, looking to the side perpendicular to the flow, filaments of high-density bubble collections are observed to be swept into the bulk flow of the vessel's wake. Moonpool imagery provided by the Ocean Physics Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
fig.12 fig.13
fig.14 fig.15
fig.16 fig.17
Fig.18 is of the bubble measurement system that the sterncam was attached to. The system was designed for deployment at the stern of the Revelle and was attached to the traversing stern mount (Fig.19). The various components of the measurement system include:

  • The sensor rake which contains a vertical array of conductivity probes for measurement of bubble void fraction
  • 6DOF motion package
  • Pan/tilt camera system
  • A compact sonar which allows profiling of the bubble field.

The sensor system was operated at speeds up 14 knots at various locations across the beam of the Revelle. The angle of the camera was tilted to look at the propeller or the transom. Also, the stern mount allows for the position of the camera to be adjusted horizontally along the stern (see Fig.20 & Fig.21).
fig.18  Sterncam
fig.19  Stern Mount
fig.20  Camera Position 1
fig.21  Camera Position 2