Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

Revelle Ship Information:
Built: 1996
Length: 273'
Beam: 52'5"
Draft (max): 17'
Gross Tonnage: 3,180 long tons
Displacement: 3,512 long tons
Crew: 22
Scientific berthing: 37
Motors: Two 3,000 hp Propulsion General Electric
Bow Thruster: 1,180 hp Azimuthing jet
Propulsion: Two 3,000 hp Z-Drive Lips
Water Capacity: 12,000 gal
Incinerator: Yes
Fuel consumption: 4,400 gal/day (transit)
Speed, Cruising: 12 knots
Speed, Maximum: 15 knots
Speed, Minimum: variable to 0, any direction
Endurance: 52 days at 12 knots (fuel)
Range: 15,000 at 12 knots (fuel)
Fuel capacity: 227,500 (planning)
Radio Call Sign: KAOU
Laboratory Space: 4,000 sq. ft
Main Deck Working Area: 4,070 sq. ft
Freeboard: 9 ft
Sewage System: MSD
Holding Tanks: 5,100 gal
Document/State I.D#: CF6354XF
Ownership: Title held by U.S. Navy. Operated under charter agreement with Office of Naval Research.

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