Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM)

Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) provided by Naval Oceanographic Office

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      Depth (m)

        Features and Limitations:

      • Depth menu: Clicking on one of these will update the NCOM layer so that the depth selected is displayed. Due to fixed colorbars, you may see black spaces or no data at all. This indicates that data is out of the color scale range.
      • Time menu: Selecting one of these will update the NCOM forecast model that's displayed.
      • Radio buttons: The radio buttons control the NCOM model variable shown. Only one NCOM model variable can be shown at any time.
      • From/To/Lat/Lon/Depth: These input fields control the cross-section tool, allowing for higher precision selection of a cross-section. Cross-sections can only be generated if 2 markers have been selected.
      • A vertical profile will always generated at every point selected.
      • Info window: The info window is used to display useful information about the location where you last clicked. If you have the cross-section tool enabled, you will see a cross section plot for the current variable. Otherwise, you will find a vertical profile plot for Salinity, Temperature, and Ocean Currents.

      This data and modeled output should not be used for navigational purposes. No warranty is either expressed or implied. Map content is subject to change without notice.

      This product is still being developed and should not be considered an accurate depiction of model output.