Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

Nautical Charts API


Below, you'll find a basic implementation using the NauticalChartsAPI. Complete documentation of the API has been generated by the jsdoc-toolkit.

Click here to view the detailed documentation.


  1. Boiler-plate example Explores adding one panel.
  2. Add polygon representation of panels.
  3. Find panels that contain a point, sort by resolution, add highest resolution (smallest scale).
  4. Track what's viewable as the map moves.
  5. Explore metadata from chart and panel objects.
  6. Change opacity.

Disclaimer: DO NOT USE FOR NAVIGATIONAL PURPOSES. We try our best to keep the charts up-to-date, but we are not the original publisher. Please check with the NOAA Office of Coast Survey for the most recent and official versions of these charts. These maps have been programmatically altered to fit the Google Maps display and are provided without appropriate QA/QC procedure. This product is provided as-is, without warranty either expressed or implied.