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Nautical Charts with AIS

PROTOTYPE Real-Time Application

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This map displays AIS messages received in real-time from antennas across Southern California. Navigational charts are also available for display through the pull-down "Chart..." menu at the top of the map. By right-clicking, a list of navigational KAPP panels is displayed for the location clicked.

This AIS mapping application should be considered experimental and not used for navigation. This display tool relies upon local parsing of AIS messages using your web browser. As a result, performance will be impacted based upon local computing resource.

Nautical charting information is provided by NOAA, and provided as a courtesy by SCCOOS to the marine community. The nautical charts displayed here are routinely updated, but may be out of date. For navigation purposes, the best source of information is from the the Office of Coast Survey (NOAA OCS) where accurate and up-to-date nautical charts are available.