Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

  • Full Water Column Currents
  • Temperature Stratification
  • GPS Location
Measurement Mode:
  • Samples averaged over 1 hour
  • Wireless via 900MHz or Satellite

Above: Real-time buoy Installation location and solidworks drawing of buoy design. Buoy was deployed May 2003 - June 2004

Above: Image of pear ring and dual shackles for mooring stability

Above: Intuicom (900MHz) radios for data transmission to Shore Station at Imperial Beach Lifeguard tower

Above: Staging buoy in yard prior to deployment. Final testing phase

Above: Buoy ready for deployment. Downward looking ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) and battery pack enclosed within stainless-steel cage. All materials are coated with anti-fouling paint

Above: Buoy ready for deployment onboard R/V Sammy G

Above: Semi-Rigid component of buoy providing strain relief to temperature string.

Above: Mid-deployment; buoy deployed and mooring ready on A-frame

Above: Buoy profile at sunset

Above: Real-time buoy deployed successfuly