Coastal Observing Research and Development Center

How to access data

Numeric Data

  • THREDDS Data Server provides full access to combined vector data. The TDS provides OPeNDAP, WCS, NetCDF subsetting, and WMS access. Please note that because this serivce holds the full data series, load times may be slower than normal.

Visual Data

We provide these files as an easy means of bringing in HF RADAR data to other applications. These methods do not contain numeric data, and are therefore of limited use in scientific applications.

  • KML Recent RTVs displays the most recent 7 days of combined total vectors. The KML is divided into folders for hourly and 25hr averaged processing. It is further divided into sub-directories for each of the data resolutions available.
  • KML Station Status is a simple KML file that contains Placemarks and basic metadata for each of the installed HF RADAR sites.
  • Embeddable mapping API. You can use this API to embed the total vector maps into your website, allowing you to create custom, rich applications with the ability to add your own layers.

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